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Happy Rocktober everyone! I hope you’ve been having a nice lead-up to the year’s most spooktacular holiday!

I love this time of year, and I adore almost everything to do with Halloween, so I wanted to share this project with you. I’ve been taking a design course, and the above was one of our recent assignments.

We were asked to create a pictorial image using black and white construction paper, and tracings of any shape that we could produce with our hands. We could change the size of the shapes as we liked, and use as many cut-outs as we liked. And with my particular love of this otherworldly holiday, I could not pass up the opportunity to get my scare on :-)   I do apologize for the poor photography though. I am more of an opportunist than a planner when it comes to taking pictures sometimes…

But anyway, I got to thinking that this would be a really cool craft to do with kids. We all remember those traced hand turkeys we made in school for Thanksgiving, but this sort of project could be an interesting challenge for any holiday during the year. If a child can hold some kind of drawing implement, and if there is some construction paper/computer paper/old magazines/glue/scissors lying around the house, then you’ve got all you need for a festive and seasonal activity. Smaller kids might need a bit of assistance with cutting or gluing, but older children should have no problem doing this independently.

Kids can experiment with trying to trace as many different shapes with their hands as they can think of. And of course they can add a bit of color if they want to. Orange I am sure would be a particular favorite.  And plus, once kids have finished their projects, these little pieces of art can join the other Halloween decorations around the house. And kids will be so proud to show off their handiwork in their bedroom window, or in some other prominent location. It’s a win-win. The kids will have something fun and inspiring to do, maybe even sharing some social time with their friends or siblings, and parents might even get a little quiet time while the kids are actively occupied in their pursuits.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this project, and that you get to spend some good quality time with your little goblins this month.

Happy Halloween!

How I spend my time…

So, I know I’ve been a little absent lately. But it’s not entirely my fault!

I’ve been taking a Photoshop course so people can teach me to do this! (Note the above).  Yes, it may seem a bit odd that I am spending my time grooming a tarsier to look like Lady Gaga, but I’m totally having a blast doing it. I am sure there are TONS of craft applications to be done with the tools Photoshop offers. When I am all super-skilled in this software as I hope to be, I will totally share craft-related ideas for all of you other .psd afficionados.

If you love Photoshop, shout it loud and declare it here! Hope y’all are having a great summer!

P.S.  All of these individual images are not my own. They were obtained through a Google image search. And no, tarsiers do not really look like that, and lollipops don’t grow on trees. Total bummer on both counts….

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