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As much fun as a three-legged pig

I found a new adorable thing to obsess over today.

Some of you may be familiar with the Chilean good luck pig called a “Chanchito.” They are handmade pottery, and they are supposed to bring good fortune to their owners. This is especially true when the little guys are given to family and friends as a sign of affection. ¬†They generally have some pretty endearing lopsided smiles, and did I mention that they only have 3 legs? But who’s counting really…

I just had to try to make one of these cute little dudes from polymer clay, and above is the result. Hector. :-)

If you guys would like to make a new friend for yourself or a loved one, please click the link below. And if you’d like to purchase a real good luck Chanchito straight from Chile, offers them. They’re fairly traded, they’re only $5, and your purchase funds 25 bowls of food for the hungry. What’s better than that?

Good luck to you and yours everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

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The sincerest form of flattery…

I most definitely get my jewelry-hound tendencies from my mother. Both of us can spot a way cool pair of earrings or an awesome necklace at 300 paces – and with peripheral vision….

We also tend to notice immediately if someone on the news or in our favorite tv shows is sporting some kind of fabulous ornamentation. In fact, I think we both have a pretty decent mental catalog of inspiring jewelry designs, and we’ll describe them to each other in detail, even weeks after we saw the original.

It’s this same insatiable curiosity for clever design that drives us to leaf hungrily through magazines and catalogs, drooling at the unique and unusual jewelry pieces therein. But, despite the ever-present attraction towards bejeweled, enameled, or faceted objects, we know we can’t have everything we like. And personally, I’m more than ok with a knock-off now and again…

In fact, if you’d like to hear about what I used to make the above necklace, which was inspired by a pendant that I saw in a Chico’s catalog, please click the link.

Thanks all and have a good week!

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