Gaga for Gaga

The weekend before last, I had the IMMENSE pleasure of going to see Lady Gaga perform at Boston’s TD Garden. And Gaga definitely did NOT disappoint. That tiny woman did about 2-2.5 hours straight with no intermission, with innumerable – and fabulous – costume changes, and with heels on that give me pain just to think about…

I know that this blog is primarily about craft, so I thought it was only fitting to share my experience (and talk about my Gaga concert outfit) here. Besides, every costume Gaga wore (that lit up, detached, spun, sparkled, or shot sparks) – as well as the show itself – was “crafted.” If anyone out there is up in the air about buying a ticket to a Lady Gaga show, do it. You’ll be SO glad you did.

Some may say that Lady Gaga is “out there” or “freaky,” and that’s 100% true as far as I can tell……but she’s also totally captivating. She owns all the freakiness, and makes it work for her. You can sense a kind of glowing contentment from her when she performs, behind all of the sunglasses you can’t see through, or the latex dresses you totally can.

Years ago, I remember watching Oprah talk about seeing Steven Spielberg in action as he directed a film. She said that you could just tell that what he was doing at that moment was what he was meant to do on this earth, and what gave him the most joy. And I could absolutely feel that same energy from last week’s Lady Gaga spectacular. Part way through the show, Gaga kindly thanked everyone in the room for having bought their ticket. And yes, perhaps she says that at every show, but I really felt like she meant it, and means it every time.

Agreed, her outfits are like something from a dream you’d have after watching a David Lynch film, or going to see a Dalí exhibit, but thus is her charm. You kind of appreciate that she isn’t quite like anyone else on the pop scene today. And I think that if she tried to be anybody but that kooky, self-possessing, potty-mouthed, rhinestone-studded chameleon she seems to have been born to be, it would diminish her.

So cheers Gaga. Show me your teeth!  :-D

If anyone wants to see the outfit I wore to the Lady Gaga concert, and read a bit more about this experience, please read on after the break. Thanks everyone! 

My answer to the question of “What do I wear to a Lady Gaga concert on somewhat short notice?”  was caution tape accents and some handcuff-themed jewelry – a la Gaga’s Telephone video. Well, suffice to say my outfit wasn’t exactly what she wore in that video. I think I might have to do a few thousand more ab crunches to pull off that particular look…

But I digress…

Caution tape can be purchased online (I know, isn’t that odd?) with a variety of messages or styles. If you google it, I promise you will be surprised how many places sell it. It can also, as I found out,  often be found at your local hardware store. You might have to search around a bit to find it though. Or, if you are an extra law-abiding citizen, maybe your local law enforcement will either give or sell you some if you ask?

My original idea was to take a simple, cheap, black or yellow dress and wrap it up completely in caution tape. I decided right away though that sitting down, moving, and answering the call of nature all had to be considered in this scenario…So, I thought being conservative on the caution tape couldn’t hurt. The below is a more realistic demonstration of that original idea.

Unfortunately though, despite what the name implies, caution tape is not actually “tape”, and therefore not actually sticky. So it moves around, wrinkles, bends, stretches, loosens, etc REALLY easily. I recommend that if you want to do something that looks similar to my design above (but which actually works), that you try to print your caution message on yellow T-shirt fabric strips in black paint, and maybe sew the fabric or somehow fasten it where you want it on your dress. The font used on caution tape, from what i have read, is some variation of Helvetica, such as “Helvetica Extra Compressed.” And don’t worry too much if your creation doesn’t look exactly like Gaga’s “illegal briefs” when you’re done. Gaga’s were custom made :-)

I did manage to fashion some makeshift “ankle bracelet” bows from the caution tape though, as seen above.  Those stayed on all night with no trouble. My friend and concert buddy also sported a Miss America-style caution tape diagonal sash for a while. I actually brought the tape with me to the concert just in case a need arose for caution once we got there, haha. And God bless Gaga fans. Another concert-goer asked for a length, which I gladly gave him. I only wished I’d bought more of the stuff to hand out. I have a new appreciation for black and yellow….

This yellow and black diagonal striped tape was also available at the hardware store. It was adhesive-backed and pretty versatile. I wrapped it around the empire waist of my dress and it held on there all night. I also used it to make this pretty rockin’ safety tape rose by following this tutorial. I used some thin floral wire for the stem, and used that to attach the rose to my dress. Also note the handcuff necklace. I wore a matching faux leather/handcuff bracelet as well. I think I got them at Claire’s, the discount jewelry store, years ago, but I bet you could find something similar online. You can also make cuff bracelets from the safety tape as shown below. My whole concert-going group sported these the night of the big event, all made at the show site.

Cut 2 lengths of safety tape that are longer than the circumference of your wrist. Place the sticky sides of the tape together, taking care that there pieces are matched up pretty well, and that there is some adhesive tape sticking out on either end of the cuff.

Next, wrap the cuff around your wrist, being careful to overlap the sides neatly. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough room to move your wrist once you’ve fastened the cuff. Tape the sticky end of your adhesive cuff down, and you’re done! The cuffs held on all night, but they were pretty easy to remove once the party was over.

I finished off my getup with yellow and black accessories, and eye makeup to match the tape colors, but unfortunately didn’t get any pics of those. But anyway, one Lady Gaga concert outfit made on the fly at the last minute, mostly en-route to the concert after work. Hope you enjoyed my Gaga post. Any other Gaga lovers, please feel free to weigh in!


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