Another of my great crafting loves is polymer clay. With polymer clay, you can make jewelry, household items, wall art, picture frames…the list just goes on and on. There certainly are wonderful tutorials out there on the internet also. It is always amazing to me just how generous the crafting community is in sharing it’s knowledge with each other. On that note, I made the above octopus by following this tutorial.

However, it was pointed out to me that the “octopus” on the tutorial only had 6 legs, thereby making it a “hexapus.” But though the hexapus is pretty adorable, and unique (and it’s ridiculously fun to say “hexapus”), I did put 8 legs on mine. Oborochann (who wrote the tutorial) certainly did make a much more finished-looking product than I did anyway. So, however many legs you feel like doing, go for it. Make a pentapus or a decapus if you are so inclined…

Oborochann was totally right that putting the mouth on the little guy was the hardest part of the process. I must have wiped the grin off his face (literally) about 6 times before I considered it done. And I’m still not sure what I am going to do with him. I don’t have the type of phone that I would really put a charm on, and he’d be kind of awkward as a pendant. Maybe he’d make a good pull chain on a lamp…Any suggestions?

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