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I made a header!

So, i visited and stumbled – and I mean STUMBLED – through making this lovely header with their FREE (!!!!) vector editing program known as Raven. I highly recommend the site as a free alternative to buying Illustrator for smaller projects. I really feel accomplished now, despite all the time it took me. HUGE learning curve! Everyone be happy for me! Sorry, I promise to cut down on the “!!!” once I get used to this…

2nd Post!

So, it is becoming obvious to me once again that computer technology is not one of my natural skills. I have been playing around with the set-ups of a few different blogs, and it takes me a very long time to accomplish very little. I can’t seem to find a template that really fits my ideals, and matches my goals. I guess I’ll keep trying…Wish me luck!

My first post!

Hi everyone! I am a new blogger, and I am in the process of testing out a few blogging websites. I hope to figure out which host is best for me. Anyone have any pros and cons about WordPress?

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